Luke Arons with the stolen Xbox and the CCTV that recorded the crime.
Luke Arons with the stolen Xbox and the CCTV that recorded the crime.
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A top Spalding cop has praised the use of CCTV in helping to catch a persistent thief and have him behind bars in less than a week.

Aidas Luksas was caught stealing perfume from Savers on Sunday and the next day was facing an 18-week sentence for five counts of theft, including an Xbox from another shop on the previous Wednesday.

The Xbox theft, from the Sale Room in the Crescent, was caught on the shop’s CCTV and police were able to identify Luksas in the footage.

Insp Jim Tyner, of Spalding Police, is a firm supporter of the use of CCTV in solving crime.

He said: “This is another example of CCTV playing a vital role in helping the police bring offenders to justice for the benefit of the people of Spalding.

“The presence of CCTV, whether it be the town system or those in shops, enables officers to promptly identify and apprehend those responsible for blighting our town with theft and anti-social behaviour and to bring them swiftly before the courts.

“It also provides opportunities where the community is able to assist the police in identifying individuals and shows excellent results can be achieved when police, local authorities, retailers and residents all work together.”

Luke Arons, owner of the Sale Room, tweeted his appreciation to Spalding police for catching the thief and getting him behind bars so quickly.

Mr Arons (32) said: “CCTV is all over my shop to deter shoplifting and I have to say it’s the best £200 I’ve spent.

“In this instance I was with a customer who pointed out to me that the man was acting suspiciously.

“When he left we went over and I saw the Xbox was missing. I chased him across town and caught up with him in the Poacher car park, but he got away from me at High Bridge and I called the police.

“I went back to the car park and found the Xbox under some leaves.

“Police took the video and were able to identify the thief. I’d really like to thank them for everything they did. Catching him, court and prison in five days is amazing.”

Phil Scarlet, vice-resident of Spalding Chamber of Commerce, was equally impressed in the work of the police.

He said: “Shoplifting is a problem in town but quite often you hear about cases coming up 12 to 18 months after the incident.

“This is one of the occasions where a shop’s own CCTV works in conjunction with the town centre CCTV.

“It is an important deterrent in the fight against crime.”

Luksas (26) appeared in Grantham Magistrates’ Court on Monday. He pleaded guilty to the theft chicken fillets from the Co-op on January 14, chick fillets from Late Shopper on January 25, the Xbox from the Sale Room and chicken fillets and cheese from Savers on February 7 and perfume from Savers on February 10.