Five youths face court after racist abuse of teen

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A GANG of five youths hurled racist abuse at a 15-year-old girl and threatened her as she walked through Spalding town centre.

Lincolnshire Police has arrested five teenagers suspected of the offence, and they will now appear at Spalding Youth Court to answer a racially aggravated public order charge.

The frightened Spalding schoolgirl, who is black, encountered a 17-year-old boy and four girls, aged 14 and 15, in Spalding at about 5pm on February 7.

The group, all from the town, are believed to know the girl from being at the same school.

Pc Nigel Smith, of Spalding police, said: “The girl was walking through the town from Hall Place and they followed her, putting her in fear of violence and used racist language.

“That is something we just won’t stand for from any walk of life.

“There is no excuse for racial abuse to anybody.”

The teenagers followed the girl as she went into the town’s Peacocks store and concerned staff at the shop reported the gang’s abusive behaviour to police.

Officers investigated the incident, arrested the teens suspected of committing the offence a couple of days later and after talks with the Crown Prosecution Service will now persue the case through the courts.

Pc Smith added: “Racism is not really common in Spalding, even with all the foreign nationals.

“I think this was particularly serious because of the numbers involved and the ages of those involved and because of the way they went mob handed.”

The children involved are under strict bail conditions and are banned from entering the town centre and have to stay at home between 7pm and 7am.

Their case will come before the court on April 13.

Pc Smith added: “Hopefully by coming to court this will shock people into not using that sort of language or behaviour in the town centre or indeed anywhere else.

“From a police perspective we won’t tolerate this in any way.”