First barrier against thieves

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MOTORISTS are being urged to take the extra time needed to clear their cars of valuables in the run up to Christmas after a spate of thefts from vehicles in and around Spalding.

Police have teamed up with the Lincolnshire Free Press to issue this leaflet (above) – which can be placed or stuck in cars to try to deter thieves and warned drivers not to fall foul of criminals – especially at a time when people are shopping for expensive Christmas presents.

The police have spoken out now to try to spread the message to Chistmas shoppers on the back of five thefts from cars in Spalding town centre within the last week.

Pc Nic Hanson, Crime Reduction Officer for Boston and South Holland, said: “Signage is all part of the tool kit – it is the first barrier against thieves and alerts them to the fact that this isn’t going to be an easy job.

“I fully appreciate that we live modern lives, are rushed and as a consequence we don’t always get the time to take things out of our cars but you are leaving yourself open.

“You need to take a few extra minutes to avoid the hassle of a broken window and most people have an excess with their insurance over £100 so your sat nav etc won’t be covered by that.

“We are highlighting it at the moment because there has been a spate with several cars broken into in the town and also in some of our rural areas as well.”

The problem can be more marked as this time because thieves are on the lookout for valuable gift items for presents and people can be more tempted to leave items in their cars during dark, cold nights.

Pc Hanson says clearing items from view increases the feeling for thieves that they will have to take a risk to carry out a crime and may walk away empty handed.