Farms are hit by thefts

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LINCOLNSHIRE Police has appealed for anyone with information relating to the theft of oil and scrap from farms to come forward – anonymously through Crimestoppers if necessary.

Diesel is regularly being stolen from farms, as well as lead and other scrap metals, particularly during the darker winter months, and more so than ever before because of the high cost of fuel.

John Jones, director of the local branch of Lynas Vokes, which was acquired by Clear Insurance Management last year, agreed it was an ongoing problem, and getting more serious.

“It’s a bit of a nightmare at the moment,” he said. “The price of oil and farm equipment has escalated so consequently there is a lot of scrap value as well as user value.

“A lot of people are suffering from this and it seems to be all over the place but you do have a run in one village or parish so it’s reasonably well organised. The problem is it’s quite difficult to secure farms really well.”