Family hit out at bike thieves

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A FAMILY has hit out at thieves who stole a motorbike from their front door in Holbeach.

Lorry driver Mark Woods (44) knows the bike disappeared between 12.40am and 2.10am last Thursday.

He was up at the time but didn’t hear a thing because of high winds.

The distinctive silver and black Honda FES S-wing 125 set Mark back £2,800 when he bought it three years ago and he rode it to work at Fowler Welch in Spalding every day while the family car was driven by his partner, Lizzy Coward, on school runs.

Mark said: “They even had to push the wing mirror back on my car to wheel the bike past.

“It’s inconvenienced me because I have had to take two nights off work to get a replacement.

“It’s wasted my holidays.”

Mark and Lizzy have two children Jessica (10) and Spencer (6).

Mark said: “Our little boy is motorbike mad and he’s quite upset his dad’s motorbike has been stolen.”

Lizzy said: “Spencer loved sitting on his dad’s bike and we have a picture of him on the bike with a huge smile on his face.

“He keeps asking ‘Daddy, when are those nasty people going to bring your bike back?’ Why don’t these people earn an honest living? It’s so unfair. We struggle the same as many families and try to make ends meet.

“We just don’t need this and it’s upset the children too.”

Mark’s bike carried the registration AM58 YMW and he believes it was the only model of its type in Holbeach.

Mark (44) and Lizzy (42) live in Netherfield and say it is normally a good area with no trouble.

Lizzy said Mark should have been working the night the bike was stolen but had the day off to go to a funeral.

She said: “This bike isn’t something he uses for joy and pleasure. It’s a lifeline for him to get to work and earn a decent living to provide for the family.”

l If anyone knows who was involved in the theft – or where the bike is now – contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.