Failing to comply with court order

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A man who has “failed miserably” to comply with a court order for unpaid work was handed more hours when he appeared in court.

Edvins Dinters (48), of Edward Road, Spalding, was sentenced to 180 hours on two counts of driving while disqualified in August.

Magistrates heard on Thursday that Dinters had failed to attend on September 22, behaved unacceptably on September 29 by turning up with alcohol and has failed to maintain contact with his offender manager.

Kiran Patel, for the probation service, said Dinters has so far completed only seventeen-and-a-half hours.

He asked the court to mark the breach of the order by imposing 15 additional unpaid work hours, almost taking Dinters back to square one.

Presiding magistrate George Hoyles told Dinters: “You have failed miserably to commit yourself to working these hours that you were ordered to do.

“What you have got to realise Mr Dinters is that this court order has got to be completed.”

Mr Hoyles warned: “If you come back to court again through not doing the hours, the next bench could take an entirely different view.”

Magistrates added the 15 hours requested and ordered Dinters to pay £75 costs.