Ex-partner assaulted young mum

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An ex-partner attacked a young Spalding mum by banging her head against a cupboard after she had been out with friends one night.

Timothy Kendall was questioning Hayley Stacey-Pettit when she returned home and calling her friends “slags”, Spalding magistrates heard.

In a statement to police, Ms Stacey-Pettit said: “I knew he was going to hurt me because it has happened before.”

Marie Stace, prosecuting, read from Ms Stacey-Pettit’s statement in which she described Kendall grabbing hold of her clothes from behind, forcing her forwards so she hit her head, and pinning her against a cupboard and banging her head against the corner of the cupboard.

The mum said: “He had hold of my jumper with one hand and my neck with the other.”

Ms Stacey-Pettit was left with five red scratch marks on her neck and a red scratch half-an-inch long on her jaw.

The mum told police: “I fell to the floor and I was curled up trying to protect myself.”

Prosecutor Marie Stace said told Thursday’s hearing she will be seeking a restraining order in the assault case to prevent further incidents.
Solicitor Daven Naghen, mitigating, said Kendall accepted his relationship with Ms Stacey-Pettit was over.
Mr Naghen said: “He doesn’t dispute he grabbed her by the throat and ultimately her head came into collision with a cupboard door.”
Kendall (27), of Branches Lane, Holbeach, pleaded guilty to assaulting Ms Stacey-Pettit in her Spalding flat on December 30. Sentence was adjourned on Thursday to February 7.