‘Evade justice and pay the penalty’ warn traffic police

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Drivers are being warned not to try and escape prosecution for breaking the law after a couple caught speeding in Swineshead ended up with a £2,440 fine.

A Peugeot driven on the A17 at Swineshead Bridge by Vanessa Akindele in January 2014 was clocked by a speed camera travelling at 46mph in a 40mph area.

The car was insured by Dr Kola Akindele of Wisbech for him and his wife Vanessa to drive but when speeding notices were sent to their address, Dr Akindele claimed that a number of people had use of the car and he was unable to confirm who the driver at the time of the speeding offence was.

Dr Akindele and his wife pleaded not guilty to failing to identify who was driving the car of the A17 but were found guilty after trial at Grantham Magistrates Court in April and ordered to pay almost £1,000 in fines and costs.

The couple appealed unsuccessfully and were both ordered to pay further costs of £260 each.

But after police uncovered discrepancies with the couple’s motor insurance, the Akindeles were left with a total penalty of £2,440, instead of a straightforward speeding penalty of £100.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “We have many investigatory tools available to us and our enquiries will inevitably reveal the truth.

“As a result, the outcome for those trying to evade justice could be much more severe.”