Drunk twice groped woman’s breasts

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A drunken man twice groped a woman’s breasts in a Holbeach pub while her partner was in the same bar.

The victim sobbed audibly as she gave evidence from behind a screen put in the court room so she didn’t have to face the man who carried out the sexual assault.

The mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told District Judge John Stobart: “It makes you feel dirty when someone has done this.”

Raymond Forbes (59), of The Hollies, Holbeach, denied sexual assault at the pub on October 24, but was convicted at Thursday’s trial at Boston Magistrates’ Court.

Sentence was adjourned to May 29 for a probation report.

The woman’s partner didn’t see the incident, as he was sitting some distance away from the jukebox where it happened, but later told her to report it to the police.

The victim, a mum, told the court: “I had put some songs on and I was still picking some. He (Forbes) leaned across from my right side and put his hand on my left breast, at which point I pushed his arm away and said that’s enough. He said ‘I didn’t mean to’ and at that point he brushed his hand down my left breast and onto my stomach.”

After she shoved him off, Forbes was trying to persuade her to dance with him and claimed to have been “a professional dancer”.

The mum said: “He grabbed me from behind and tried to dance with me.”

She returned to her seat beside her partner and said she wanted to go home, but he wanted to finish his pint.

Forbes came over and said to her “you are really pretty” and asked if she and her partner were married.

CCTV images didn’t show the sexual touching at the jukebox, but Mr Stobart pointed out it showed Forbes “inserting himself” between the couple and, while keeping his back to the male partner, touching the victim’s arm and her hand.

The partner, now the victim’s ex, described what happened when she returned to her seat.

He said: “She was as white as a ghost. I asked her what was up and she wouldn’t tell me.”

When she told him later, he said he could “sort it out”.

Mr Stobart asked: “By sort it out, do you mean go back to the pub and sort him out?”

The partner replied: “Yes.”

Forbes told the court he had given £1 to the woman to play a Tom Jones record for him.

Asked if he had touched her, Forbes replied: “No I didn’t. I never have touched her. I don’t know why it’s got this far. It’s rubbish.”

He told the court he had only seen the woman “three times in my whole life”.

In court, Forbes accepted he had put his hands “around her waist” but also continued to insist he hadn’t touched her at all and denied touching her breasts.

Forbes said: “There’s one thing I don’t do is touch women. I have got four daughters myself.”