Driver twice sped by same safety camera

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A lorry driver risked his house and his job when he was caught speeding twice – just seven days apart – by the same camera at Deeping Common.

John White (54) was clocked at 48mph on April 5 and 47mph on April 12. Lorries are restricted to 40mph on that class of road, the A1175.

White successfully argued he would be caused “exceptional hardship” and kept his licence in a hearing at Spalding Magistrates’ Court, saying he would lose his livelihood and his home if he were banned from driving.

He admitted speeding both times and was fined £200 on each charge with an order for £86 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Magistrates on Thursday reminded him he now has 15 points on his licence – three above the normal trigger for a ban – and he cannot argue exceptional hardship if he speeds. again.