Driver didn’t know he was banned from the wheel

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Police stopped a motorist because one of his car headlights was out and then discovered he had been banned from driving by a court a few days earlier.

But Brian Towers (47), of Manor Way, Deeping St James, didn’t know about the ban because it happened in his absence and the details of the court hearing were sent to his old address.

At Spalding Magistrates’ Court on Thursday Towers was fined £110 for driving while disqualified and had his licence endorsed with six penalty points.

He must also pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Towers, of Manor Way, Deeping St James, pleaded guilty to that offence and also to driving without insurance.

The court heard he had an insurance policy but it was invalid because of the disqualification.

Presiding magistrate Sally Ruttley said: “Mr Towers we have some sympathy with you, but also it was incumbent upon you to make sure that DVLA had your correct address.”

Magistrates were told that the court notice sent out to Towers relating to the disqualification hearing was returned to the court office as “unserved”.

Mark Holmes, prosecuting, said Towers was banned under the “totting-up” procedure – which happens when a driver has 12 or more points on their licence.

Although the disqualification was imposed in his absence, he would have been aware of it had he been “properly registered” with the DVLA.

He said police stopped Towers on Park Lane, Deeping St James, on January 18 and Towers had two previous convictions for driving while disqualified.

Solicitor Stacey Bell, for Towers, urged the court to impose penalty points rather than lengthen the ban which ends on August 4.

She said Towers doesn’t work and his wife is disabled.