Driver (62) ‘flips’ and attacks man

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AN ANGRY driver, who was beeped at by another motoris,t pursued him and punched him three times in the face – leaving his victim with cuts and his shirt soaked in blood.

Semi-retired builder James Wyre (62) later admitted to police he “boxed” Alan Todd’s ears and “knocked his glasses off his face” in the attack on the A1073 at Crowland.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting at Spalding Magistrates’ Court last Thursday, said Mr Todd and his wife were driving behind a tractor when the car behind them, driven by Wyre, pulled out and overtook both vehicles at a point that Mr Todd thought was dangerous.

When Wyre turned off into Crowland, Mr Todd sounded his horn to indicate that he considered Wyre’s driving was dangerous. But Wyre drove around some bollards and came back out onto the road, pulled alongside Mr Todd’s car and then stopped in front of him.

Miss Ritson said Mr Todd told Wyre: “You are a bloody idiot for overtaking like that.”

But Wyre didn’t respond verbally. He clenched his fists and punched Mr Todd’s left upper cheekbone and then his nose, causing Mr Todd’s spectacles to fall off. He then landed a further blow to Mr Todd’s face.

Miss Ritson said Mr Todd told Wyre he was going to the police station.

Wyre followed their car to the police station and as they got out Wyre told them “there was no need to get the police involved”.

Following the attack, Mr Todd needed butterfly stitches to facial cuts and his right eye was so swollen it closed up. He needed a couple of days off work.

Solicitor Phil Cookson said Wyre accepted the attack was wrong and had apologised to Mr Todd and apologised to the court.

On the day of the attack, Wyre was “exceptionally concerned” for the wellbeing of his 86-year-old mother – a diabetic – who was missing from home and he was trying to find out where she was.

Mr Cookson said: “Perhaps he did overtake in not the most sensible of places but he was in an anxious state.”

He said on 99.9 per cent of other occasions Wyre would not have reacted as he did but because of the circumstances “something flipped inside him”.

Mr Cookson said Wyre had never been in trouble before and was well liked and respected by those who know him.

Presiding magistrate Jo Sunner told Wyre: “This was an extremely serious offence.”

The court heard Wyre, of Main Road, Deeping St Nicholas, could not do weekly community service work because he spends time in the Ukraine, where he has a property, and the Probation Service recommended he should be given a high level fine instead of a work order.

Wyre was ordered to pay a total of £1,305 after pleading guilty to assaulting Alan Todd by beating him on September 27. Included in the sum was £500 compensation for the injuries to Mr Todd. There was also a further £120 compensation order for damage to Mr Todd’s glasses.