Doorman had heart attack after pub fight

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A doorman had a heart attack after being assaulted at work and was flown to hospital by air ambulance.

Philip Malone (37) punched doorman Martin Fox and headbutted bar manager Richard Parrott at The Deeping Stage, Market Deeping, on April 29.

Mr Fox had chest pains after struggling on the floor with Malone, who threatened to kill him, and was airlifted to hospital.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, told Spalding magistrates Mr Fox was discharged after five days, having had a heart attack, and was fitted with a stent.

In a statement, Mr Fox said: “I didn’t ask whether my heart attack was caused by the incident or whether it could have happened any way.”

Mr Fox said all he tried to do was protect himself and others from Malone.

Mr Clare said Malone was with a friend in the pub garden at about 2.30pm and seen trying to urinate on a swan and put his private parts in his friend’s drink.

Staff asked Malone to leave, but he swore and said: “I will leave when I am ready. I am staying here all afternoon.”

Malone punched Mr Fox, who grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him down the drive towards the road.

About two minutes later Malone appeared inside and headbutted Mr Parrott on the nose before “jumping” onto Mr Fox.

Mr Fox, who weighs 15-and-a-half stones, fell on top of Malone, and said: “For some reason he put his hand in my mouth and was pulling at my tongue. He was then yelling at me, threatening to kill me, that he knew where I lived and that he would burn my house down.”

Malone scratched Mr Fox’s face and bar staff helped clean off the blood.

Malone, care of Churchfield Close, Deeping St James, admitted the assaults and sentence was adjourned to December 19 for a probation report.

Solicitor Roger Lowther, mitigating, said: “I think it would be a great leap to say he (Malone) was responsible for the heart attack. I don’t think he could be responsible if the victim required a stent – that would build up over a long period of time.”