Dog may have been stolen from outside pub

Heartfelt appeal: Allan Wilson is searching for his missing dog, Kipper.
Heartfelt appeal: Allan Wilson is searching for his missing dog, Kipper.
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A HEARTBROKEN dog owner is appealing for the suspected thieves of his beloved pet to return him.

Three-and-a-half-year-old Kipper has been missing since Friday, December 23, when his owner Allan Wilson tied him to a post outside The Ivy Wall pub in Westlode Street, Spalding.

Allan (47), of Chestnut Avenue, fears Kipper may have been stolen by someone who thought they had chanced upon an extra Christmas present.

He is now offering a small reward in the hope Kipper will be returned to him safely.

“I walk him all over town and I’ve tied him up outside shops before while I go inside,” said Allan.

“I was late meeting work friends and I thought I would tie him up outside, go in for a few minutes and go home again.

“Someone was watching him and they turned away for a minute and he was gone.”

Kipper is a cross between a Jack Russell, a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian and has been microchipped.

He was wearing a black collar when he was taken and has a red tinge to his coat.

But while Kipper appears to be friendly, Allan is concerned he may snap and hurt a child.

Allan said he has “very sharp teeth” under his black whiskers.

He said: “If you rub his belly and give him food he will sit on your lap all day long, but on his own I would not like to trust him.

“He doesn’t like trainers and he has put his teeth through my friend’s shoe before and drawn blood.

“I am more concerned about him hurting a child and someone having him put down.”

Allan, who lives alone with Kipper, has since been searching for his pet whenever he passes through Spalding.

Allan, a supervisor at Dalehead, added: “People who know Kipper are looking out for him around town. I just want him home.”

Kipper’s disappearance has been reported to both Lincolnshire Police and the RSPCA.

Anyone who has seen Kipper or knows about his disappearance should call Allan on 07910 384864 or email