Dog bit delivery driver

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MAGISTRATES made an order for a St Bernard called Sophie to be kept under proper control after she bit a delivery driver in the stomach.

The driver, Nigel Wicks, went to Stephen Shore’s home in Blazegate, Gedney, on October 12 last year to deliver three parcels.

Jill Derby, prosecuting, described how the dog ran straight at Mr Wicks.

Reading from Mr Wicks’ statement, she said: “I thought it was just going to jump up me, but it bit the front left side of my stomach.”

The delivery driver described how the dog “went” for him again, but he escaped through the gate.

According to Mr Wicks, Shore then shouted: “Are you all right? She’s never done anything like that before. She likes people.”

In court, Shore (48) admitted a complaint that his dog was not kept under proper control – and agreed to keep her under proper control in the future after the court ordered him to do so.

Presiding magistrate Robert Chapman said: “The order in respect of the dog will last the whole of the dog’s life.”

Shore told the court he did not realise at the time that Mr Wicks had been bitten and thought it was “a fairly innocuous incident” until he was asked to attend the police station in January.

He said temperament wise it was not in the dog’s character to bite anyone.

Since the incident, he has made changes at his home so nothing like it can happen again.