Dialled 999 11 times in one hour

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A man made 11 nuisance 999 calls to police within an hour when he wanted to go home to “the city of Spalding” after being discharged from Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital in the early hours.

Kestutis Pudzemys was found drunk on the floor “in the roadway” in Spalding the previous evening and taken to Pilgrim with a suspected injury, Boston magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Nick Todd told magistrates Pudzemys made 11 999 calls between 2.30am and 3.30am on February 16 because “basically he wanted a lift back to Spalding and he thought the police should take him”.

Mr Todd continued: “He was told on all of the occasions that the police weren’t offering a taxi service.”

He said Pudzemys used offensive language to the 999 operators, which they found unpleasant and annoying.

The court heard police went looking for Pudzemys and found him while he was making the final call.

“Apparently he was lost in Boston and didn’t know how to get home,” said Mr Todd.

Pudzemys (31), of Neville Avenue, Spalding, was fined £365 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £36 victim surcharge.

He admitted using a public communications network to make 11 nuisance and abusive 999 calls.

Solicitor Beris Brickles, mitigating, told magistrates it wasn’t plain that Pudzemys wanted to use the police as a taxi service and Pudzemys, who was still under the influence of drink at the time he made the calls, had said he was looking for directions.

Mr Brickles said: “One of the calls was ‘I am lost in Boston and I am from the city of Spalding’. It’s the first time I have heard Spalding called a city.”

He said Pudzemys had used offensive words, but no threats.