Deal reached over stopping up road

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Magistrates have ruled that a road in Lutton popular with dog walkers can be shut off as long as residents are allowed to use a footpath running next to it.

At least ten people objected to plans for a stopping up order on Monmouth Lane which would have seen about 2,700 square metres of road be made private.

Lincolnshire County Council applied for the order after Lutton farmer David Hoyles put up a gate blocking off part of Monmouth Lane after his business was targeted by thieves.

Speaking to the Spalding Guardian in February, Mr Hoyles said: “I was advised by police to put the gates up to make access harder for potential thieves.

“I was then contacted by the council who told me I was obstructing the highway but after explaining to them that the gates were recommended by the police, the council said I should apply for a stopping up order or remove the gate.”

But one of the objectors, Stephen Goodban of Lutton Gowts, accused the council of trying to save money by stopping up the road.

Also speaking in February, Mr Goodban said: “Monmouth Lane is a favourite for dog walkers and I’m concerned that a well-used public facility could be lost forever just to save a few bob.”

Spalding magistrates ruled at a hearing last Wednesday for the stopping up order to go ahead, but with public footpath rights for residents along the stretch of road concerned.

After the hearing, Mr Goodban said: “I’m pleased that the highways department and Mr Hoyles have taken note of public consensus and, in the end, an amicable and satisfactory outcome has been achieved.

Mr Hoyles said: “After considerable pre-negotiation by the council and compromise on both our side and objectors, I am satisfied with the court’s decision.”