Cyclist gestures shot at ex-wife in traffic

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A MAN on a bike made a gun gesture with his fingers and shouted “boosh” when he saw his ex-wife waiting in a car at traffic lights in High Street, Holbeach.

Karen Bliss turned round her car and followed David Ringer to Edinburgh Walk, drove in front of him, parked up and asked if he had something to say.

John Mitchell, prosecuting, told Spalding magistrates Ringer then mentioned having a gun and said he was going to blow her head off.

Mr Mitchell continued: “He said ‘I am going to blow you to smithereens. It is not a threat this time – I will bring it to your door.”

Following his arrest, Ringer admitted he said something about “getting a shotgun and ramming it down her throat”.

Ringer (46), of Marshlands Drive, Holbeach, pleaded guilty to a public order offence following the incident on October 14 last year and Spalding magistrates on Thursday adjourned the hearing to January 26 for a probation report.

Ringer had his conditional bail extended.

Solicitor Rachel Stevens, mitigating, said the couple had been divorced since 1996 and Mrs Bliss is now married to Ringer’s former best friend.

Miss Stevens said: “He was cycling on this occasion through town.

“He recognised her cherished number plate and he said he gave her the ‘V sign’ – that was clearly an unwise thing to do – it wasn’t a gun action.”

Miss Stevens asked the court to consider Mrs Bliss’s actions in turning around her car, following Ringer and chasing him on his cycle to Edinburgh Walk.

She said: “He thought had there not been another car to hide behind she would have knocked him off his bike.”

Miss Stevens said Ringer’s words were “one of these days a shotgun is going to get rammed down your throat”.

She continued: “It was an empty threat. He doesn’t have any form of shotgun or have access to one.”

Miss Stevens said Ringer is a schizophrenic under care of his GP and has metal plates in both of his ankles after suffering an accident some time ago. He doesn’t work.