‘Criminals are making our life hell’

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A RESIDENT claims a criminal gang is blatantly dealing drugs and knocking off stolen goods in her street because police are turning a blind eye.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she has provided information to the police about various crimes in Tolls Lane, Holbeach, but is terrified of giving a formal statement for fear of violent reprisals.

But she claims police have failed to act on the information, including photographs she has taken of stolen property being driven away.

She said: “I have reported stolen goods and drug dealing but still nothing has been done.

“One of the houses is being used as a drug den – you get ten or 12 cars out there at a time.

“I think it’s possible drugs are actually being grown in one house, or it’s being taken round there, and you can see the stolen property as clear as a bell.

“I reported it when two black BMWs came down the road and a load of blokes with baseball bats got out and started running down the road, but the police didn’t even come out.”

The resident has seen evidence of stolen goods, including sit-on tractors and power tools, being brought in and claims she witnesses copper piping stolen from a house at one end of the lane being openly loaded onto a van the morning after the theft.

She said: “It’s a living hell down here.

“You report it to the council and they say they are going to look into it but nothing happens and you report it to the police and give them number plates and details and they don’t do anything either.

“These problems have been going on for a while but just recently they have escalated and I think it’s because they keep getting away with it.

“They now think they are above the law and are getting more and more blatant about what they are doing.

“I am not the only one in the street who has seen all this but we are all too frightened to give a statement because we don’t know what they might do to us.”

But Lincolnshire Police claim they have had no direct reports relating to drug-dealing or stolen property.

Holbeach and the Suttons neighbourhood sergeant Amy Whiffen said her officers had been made aware of some anti-social behaviour issues in Tolls Lane, but otherwise had not received any reports of specific crimes.

She suggested residents who were worried about contacting the police directly should call Crimestoppers to pass on information as they could then remain completely anonymous.