Crash driver ran off as prison guards arrived

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G4S staff working on prisoner escorts found a crashed car on its side with a drink-driver still inside, but he ran off as they approached.

Michael Davis hid in a nearby lorry yard, where police found him and arrested him.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said the accident happened at 1.30am on October 4.

As the G4S van neared the crash scene on West Marsh Road, Spalding, they saw a Citroen Xsara on its side in the road with its lights still on, windscreen wipers still going and one of its rear wheels spinning.

Mr Wood said the G4S staff saw Davis in the driver’s seat, but he opened the door, climbed out and ran off.

Police did an area search and found Davis 200 yards away in a lorry park.

Mr Wood said Davis could give no good explanation for being there, police spotted he had injuries consistent with an airbag going off and his credit card was found in the footwell of the Citroen.

Spalding magistrates heard the car belonged to Davis’ employer – who confirmed he had the keys at the time of the crash – and he has lost his job as a result of the incident.

Davis (26), of Northorpe Road, Donington, was banned from driving for 42 months, fined £110 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Magistrates did not offer him a chance to cut the ban by attending a rehabilitation course because he had a previous drink-drive conviction from 2007.

He pleaded guilty on Thursday to driving with 72 microgrammes of alcohol in breath, just over double the legal limit.

Solicitor Roger Lowden, mitigating, said a lorry pulled out in front of Davis and he had to take evasive action, but he was “clipped by the lorry” and that caused the Citroen to turn over.

He said Davis had been drinking at a friend’s house, had his last drink at about 10.30pm and waited two-and-a-half to three hours before driving, thinking that would be sufficient.

After the accident, Davis ran off in a state of panic and bewilderment and was still in a panic when he refused to comply with a roadside breath test.

Mr Lowden said he thought better of it at the police station and complied.