Crash driver gets 20 month ban

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A man suffering concussion following an assault at a party was later found wandering in the street where his car had crashed.

His solicitor Daven Nagen told Spalding magistrates that there was no proof that Ervins Silajs had driven the car, but he pleaded guilty to drink-driving because “all the evidence suggests that he’s the driver”.

Silajs (39), of Viscount Close, Pinchbeck, was banned from driving for 20 months for driving with 200mgs of alcohol in blood – the legal limit is 80mg.

He can cut five months off the ban if he completes a rehabilitation course.

Silajs was also fined £320 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £32 victim surcharge at Thursday’s hearing.

Prosecutor Kate Hartley said police found a Saab on Spalding’s West Marsh Road which had its front end facing a chain link fence and the rear end sticking out into the road.

She said officers found “a very drunk male” further along the road.

He was unsteady on his feet and lurching from side to side.

Mrs Hartley said at one point Silajs walked into a small wall and nearly fell over it.

Because of the incident at the party, he was taken to hospital and gave blood rather than breath for analysis.

Mr Naghen said Silajs might also have got off the offence on a legal technicality over the way blood was taken, but chose to accept responsibility for his actions.

He said had a CT scan after sustaining concussion and it may well be that he was acting our of character at the time because of his head injury.