Crackdown on Holbeach boy racers

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BOY racers who do “doughnuts” in public places in Holbeach are being given a final chance to put the brakes on their dangerous driving.

Police have launched Operation Emerge to stop the vehicle anti-social behaviour in Tesco’s car park in Boston Road South, Church Street and Fishpond Lane.

The are also working with other partners, such as South Holland District Council, to combat the problem.

Sgt Stuart Brotherton said: “Residents have been complaining about boy racers doing handbrake turns and doughnuts and rightly so.

“These are residential areas and people do not want to listen to it.

“We do not want to stop lads having fun, but stopping this vehicle anti-social behaviour is high on the priority list of local police officers.

“Officers are asking them to drive safely and telling them if they want to talk to their mates there are other places that this can be done.

“If they continue to ignore our friendly warnings we will consider tougher action – and this could be issuing ASBOs or seizing their vehicles.”

Suggested places to meet include lay-bys along the A17. Sgt Brotherton said: “These are in open countryside away from the public. No-one will be bothered here.”

Residents who wish to discuss any incidents can pop into the police station in Edinburgh Walk or call PC Rob Jones on 101.