Court to homeless migrant: ‘Consider going back home’

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HOMELESS and jobless migrant Andrzej Jasik was urged to seek repatriation when he appeared in court on theft and drug charges.

And he was warned that magistrates have the power to send him home to Poland if he continues committing offences.

Jasik (40) was before Spalding magistrates on Tuesday facing two charges of theft and one of possessing cannabis.

He was said by his solicitor Carrie Simpson to have been homeless for five months and had tried and failed to find work.

Mrs Simpson said he lived on savings but turned to stealing when his cash ran out.

She said: “He tells me he can’t afford to eat and drink and that’s why he is in court today because he has stolen items.”

Jasik was in court for twice stealing alcohol from Spalding store B&M Bargains – three cans worth £2.97 and two cans worth £1.98 on November 17 and 18.

He had cannabis in his possession when arrested but said he found it in the street.

Mrs Simpson told the court Jasik stole the drink to sell so he could buy food.

Presiding magistrate Greg Cejer told Jasik his solicitor was right about the court being unable to find him accommodation.

Mr Cejer continued: “What the court can help you with is repatriation and I think there’s an organisation that works to support people who want to go back to their home countries.

“Basically you have not worked for a long, long time.

“There is no chance of you getting work and there’s an organisation working with the courts to help you do that (return home) – so you might want to consider that as an option.”

But Mr Cejer then warned Jasik the court could recommend him for deportation if he comes before the courts again.

He said: “If you are persistently committing crimes, you could be repatriated to your home country.

“It has been done.”

Jasik was conditionally discharged for 18 months on the three offences to which he pleaded guilty together with his admission of breaching a 12 month conditional discharge. There was no order for costs.