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The following decisions have been made recently by magistrates at court hearings. In all drink-drive cases the legal limit is 35 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, or 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. Addresses of defendants published in these registers are taken from the legal records held by the magistrates’ courts. The details are given to the court by the defendant – but this may be some time after the original charge and they may have moved in the meantime.

Spalding Magistrates’ Court

Louise Bull (40), of Pennygate, Spalding. Failed to stop after accident. £75 fine. Drove without due care and attention (Spalding). £75 fine. Failed to report accident. No separate penalty. £15 victim surcharge.

Paulo De Oliveira (43), of Heron Park, Peterborough. Exceeding 60mph limit (Crowland). £275 fine, £43 costs, £15 v/s.

Michelle Hawkins (45), of Severn Road, Spalding. Driving while using mobile phone. £60 fine, £43 costs and £15/vs. Driving otherwise than in accordance with her licence. No separate penalty.

Razwan Asghar (20, of Russell Street, Peterborough. No insurance (Spalding). £600 fine, £60 costs. Failed to produce insurance, failed to produce test certificate, failed to produce licence. No separate penalties.

Edward Banaszkiewicz (52), of Haven Meadows, Boston. Speeding (Whaplode). £200 fine, £43 costs, £15 v/s.

Wesley Beeken (26), of Earlsfield, Moulton Seas End. Driving without due care and attention (Spalding). £400 fine, £60 costs, £15 v/s.

Elizabeth Coombe (34), of Figtree Walk, Peterborough. Speeding (Langtoft). £200 fine, £60 costs, £15 v/s.

Emma Devan (29), of Farrow Avenue, Holbeach. Speeding (Spalding). £35 fine, £20 costs, £15 v/s

Krzysztof Ruszkowski (57), of Hawthorn Bank, Spalding. Speeding (Spalding). £135, £43 costs and £15 v/s.

Tanya Stroud (43), Ring Road, Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe. Speeding (Spalding). £200 fine, £43 costs and £15 v/s.