Court order to stop hotel raves

The Bridge Hotel at Sutton Bridge.
The Bridge Hotel at Sutton Bridge.
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Police have won a court order to prevent raves being held at the Bridge Hotel in Sutton Bridge.

The closed hotel building has been repeatedly targeted by vandals and squatters.

Last week, police put up notices threatening anyone who went inside with arrest – and now their action has been backed up by the courts.

Insp Jo Reeve said on Friday: “I have today secured at court a closure order for the building under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to prevent the building being used for anti-social purposes, and specifically illegal raves, thereby protecting the residents of Sutton Bridge from this type of anti-social behaviour.

“The order lasts for three months, which is the maximum time the court can award.”

Parish councillor Jenny Rowe revealed last week that the district council had discussions with the hotel owner and that demolition is one possible option.

Coun Rowe said the hotel would have been protected from demolition had the district council formally adopted a document on a proposed conservation area for Sutton Bridge.

She said all of the groundwork was completed – and a document was produced – but the project hasn’t moved any further forward since the council officer who worked on it left the authority.

“A tremendous amount of work has been done and any officer could pick it up,” she said.