Couple’s terror at burglar downstairs

Scene of the incident: Halmergate in Spalding
Scene of the incident: Halmergate in Spalding
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A SPALDING couple have spoken of their anxious wait for police to arrive as they helplessly listened to a burglar moving around inside their house.

Just minutes earlier, the frightened couple had watched from an upstairs window as two “brazen” men calmly walked down the drive to their home in Halmergate.

The couple, who asked not to be named through fear of more burglaries, said it “seemed like ages” until the arrival of police, who responded within minutes of the 999 call at 11.35pm.

The husband said: “The thing that surprised me was at that time, people are still walking up and down the street and there was a bright moon.

“It seemed so brazen. I just had a feeling of disbelief and was thinking ‘can this really be happening?’”

The couple had been in bed when they were alerted to the break-in on Friday, January 13, by the sound of a gate rattling at the front of their property.

He said: “I saw someone running from the house. My first thought was someone had tried to get in.

“When I looked out of the bedroom window I saw another man standing at the top of the drive.

“The first man went back to him and pointed back at the house. It worried me.”

The men then started walking towards the house and the police were called using a phone in another upstairs room.

The couple kept the lights off so they didn’t draw attention to themselves.

When the police arrived, the man inside the house escaped through a small window in the utility room.

Both men fled empty-handed before any arrests could be made.

Police discovered the man got into the house through a window in the lounge, which measures just 10in x 18in.

The couple said: “These people may think you can claim for your trinkets on your insurance but they do not seem to think about all the trauma they cause.

“They turn your life upside down and we’re worried about what will happen in the future.

“We did not lose anything but we’re worried about whether they’re going to come back again.”

Police are now appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

Spokesman Nerys McGarry said: “It is unusual for a burglary to be committed when the residents of the address are at home and most criminals will target unoccupied properties.

“During this incident, the offenders entered the couple’s home during the evening when they were in their bedroom, causing great alarm and distress.”

The two men are both described as tall, with the tallest wearing a woollen hat.

Anyone with information should contact DC Nicola Stafford at Spading CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.