Couple getting back together after attack

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A man who punched and kicked his partner in a row over “flirty” texts is getting back with the woman he hurt.

Ian Peckett (29) appeared in court for sentence on Thursday and was ordered to attend a domestic abuse programme and an alcohol programme as part of a 24-month community order.

He will also be supervised by probation for the duration of the order.

Peckett, who had an address in Coulsden, Surrey, told magistrates he was moving back that day to Eaugate Road, Moulton Eaugate, to be with Angela Hobson.

He pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to assautling Ms Hobson by beating her, criminally damaging a £30 clock belonging to Ms Hobson and criminally damaging a police station wall by bashing it with handcuffs.

Magistrates have also ordered Peckett to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said Peckett and Ms Hobson had been in a relationship for about three months.

They returned to her home after he had been drinking at about 7.30pm on June 27 and Peckett fell asleep in a chair.

Ms Hobson noticed a message on his mobile phone from a female – and his replies – and thought they were “quite flirty”.

Mr Clare said Miss Hobson shoved Peckett to wake him and he jumped up – swore at her – and she challanged him about the texts.

He flew at her, pushed her to the floor – she got up and he pushed her to the floor again.

Peckett grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the window, but she scratched him and he let her go.

Ms Hobson told police: “He was shouting at me, he was right up in my face. He kept clenching his fists like he was going to whallop me.”

Mr Clare said Ms Hobson was pushed into a computer chair, punched several times to the head and kicked several times to her hip area.

Ms Hobson received bumps, bruises and grazing as a result of the attack.

Solicitor Carrie Simson said Peckett’s problems “are steeped in history, in his upbringing, and his alchol misuse”.

She said: “The victim is at the back of the court and I can tell you that the relationship is back on track.”