Councillors to discuss CCTV cash after talks

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Holbeach Parish Council will weigh up a possible u-turn on its decision to axe £5,500 of CCTV funding for the town when it meets next month.

Councillors have come under fire since voting not to renew its payment towards maintaining CCTV in Holbeach because of budget cuts and doubts over its effectiveness in preventing crime.

Five councillors met with members of a CCTV task group from South Holland District Council on Monday to discuss the future of the system and whether Holbeach should be part of it.

The meeting was arranged after all three district councillors for Holbeach, including two members of the task group, urged the parish council to reconsider not funding CCTV in the town for 2013-14.

Councillor Terry Harrington, who attended as parish council vice chairman, said: “We sat and listened to what the members of the task group had to say and they are sending a report to us that will be debated at our next meeting on March 11.

“At least the meeting gave us quite a bit of an update on CCTV in South Holland.”

Coun David Wilkinson, task group chairman, said: “The meeting with Holbeach Parish Council went very well and was very productive.

“I believe it clarified several points on both sides as the members who attended from Holbeach had several questions which we were able to answer.”