Condemnation of botched attack on safety camera

Attacked: The road safety camera on the A151 at Whaplode.
Attacked: The road safety camera on the A151 at Whaplode.
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ROAD safety officers have condemned an arsonist who attempted to destroy a speed camera in Whaplode.

The botched attack, which happened at about 2.30am on Sunday, was the 17th such incident in Lincolnshire this year.

John Siddle, from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said first indications were the damage was “minimal”.

He said petrol had been poured over the camera and a nearby hedge before setting it alight.

Mr Siddle said: “We understand that most right-thinking people appreciate that speed cameras do have their place. Quite often they are a last resort of making a dangerous stretch of road safe again.

“Those who are doing this damage are not looking at the bigger picture and do not appreciate they are putting other people’s lives at risk.”

Cost of damage to cameras in the last few years is more than £300,000.

An estimated £10,000 of damage was caused two weeks ago when a camera on the A17 at Cranwell was attacked twice in the same day.

Mr Siddle added: “When the court decides what this person or persons is responsible for, if it is all the camera damage for the last two to three years then how long is that sentence going to be.

“£314,000 is a lot of money and there will be a heavy sentence on the person responsible, especially if it was done to avoid a fine and three points on their licence.”

In July, Crimestoppers offered a reward of up to £1,000 to anyone who can help catch those behind the attacks.