Concern others may fall for cash scam

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ALARM bells rang when a Whaplode Drove woman was told she would be receiving a cheque for £800 for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI),

Amanda Collier (54), of Gull Bank, was informed by phone on Tuesday she would be receiving the cheque from the Department of Justice.

She said: “I was told I would have to provide bank and passport details in order to get the cheque, and deposit £200 at the PayPoint at the post office.

“I said ‘this sounds dodgy. A government department would not ask for my personal details or for me to deposit any money first’.

“Then I was told they would send me a cheque for £1,000, but I turned the phone off because it was obviously a scam.

“I’m just worried someone more vulnerable might get taken in by this.”

A police spokesman said stopping the call was “absolutely the correct action to take”.

She said: “Never give out personal information, especially if it involves Western Union or PayPoint.

“People should ask themselves if they have ever bought PPI.”

To report a scam, call police on 101.