Cemetery security ‘not good enough’

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A GRIEVING daughter is devastated after a stone memorial on her father’s grave was smashed for the second time in a year.

Emma Lilley’s dad Paul is buried in the new cemetery on Hallgate in Holbeach.

Last week Emma and her mother Elspeth went to tend the grave and were horrified to discover that the heart shaped stones they had bought in Paul’s memory had been smashed again.

Emma (29) said: “I feel the problem is a lack of security around the cemetery.

“What is the point of having a gate at the entrance if people can still find a way in when that gate is locked?

“I’m not trying to blame the parish council for what is going on but I feel let down.

“At least there should be a fence around with a gate to stop people getting in from across the fields.”

The original stone that was smashed had cost £30 and the recent ones were £40 each.

Emma added: “Luckily both Mum and I can afford to replace the stones but we shouldn’t have to and we won’t be able to if this keeps happening.

“It has only been a year since we replaced the first smashed stone and now we are going to have replace the new ones.”

Council chairman Terry Harrington said he was sorry to hear that Mr Lilley’s grave had been damaged again but the council is unable to fence off the area because required drainage board access.

He agreed to meet Emma to discuss what else could be done.