Caught red handed

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SHOP thieves described by their solicitor as “cack-handed” were caught in the act when they stole console games from Tesco in Bourne.

David Iacono and Clive McPherson were recorded on CCTV as they took games worth £181.02 and were found to have foil lined bags, meant to avoid detection, when they were stopped and searched on February 2.

Both men pleaded guilty to theft and going equipped to steal when they appeared before Spalding magistrates on Thursday.

Iacono (41), of Cedar Grove, Peterborough, was sentenced to a year-long supervision order and told to pay £40 costs.

McPherson, of Albany Walk, Peterborough, was fined £165 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Solicitor Nen Stasojevic said: “It was a cack-handed attempt to steal computer games in that their actions were caught on CCTV and the goods themselves have been recovered.”