Catalytic convertor marking kit

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OWNERS of 4x4 vehicles are being encouraged to take postive action to protect themselves from catalytic converter thieves.

Spalding police have 30 free catalytic converter marker kits for anyone who goes along to the police station to collect one.

Sgt Stuart Hurst said: “We get these thefts in fits and starts and the thieves often target 4x4s because the catalytic converters are bigger and they can be easier to get at as the vehicle is higher off the ground.

“If your catalytic converter is stolen it can cost between £500 and £2,000 to replace.

“They are stolen because they contain valuable scrap metal, but their value to the thieves is only about £100.

“We would urge anyone to get one of these kits, which marks the catalytic converter with a serial number which is registered with us and means we can trace the owner if it is stolen.

“The kit also includes a sticker to display in the car which acts as a useful deterrent in the first place.”

The security marking involves placing a sticker on the catalytic converter and then using a type of acid to etch it on permanently.