Cases from Skegness court

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Details of some cases involving our area heard at Skegness Magistrates’ Court.

Jonathan Bromley (44), of Derwent Close, Rugby. Failing to give identity of a driver (Pinchbeck). £600 fine, £15 v/s, £85 costs, 6pts.

Richard Goodman (24), of Francis Street, Spalding. No insurance (Sutterton). £250 fine, £15 v/s, £43 costs, 6pts.

Callum McLellan (36), c/o Cambridge Road, Ashby. Speeding (Swineshead). £70 fine, £15 v/s, £60 costs, disqualified for 6 months.

Ethsham Ditta (26), of Buckland Close, Netherton. Speeding (Sutterton). £60 fine, £15 v/s, 3pts.

Darren Robinson (47), of Northorpe Road, Donington. Vehicle waiting offence (Boston). £200 fine, £15 v/s, £60 costs.

Ian McBride (43), of Wellspring Close, Middlesborough. Speeding (Swineshead). £340 fine, £15 v/s, £43 costs, 6pts.

Marek Sowa (50), of London Road, Kirton. Excess alcohol (Kirton). £375 fine, £15 v/s, £600 costs, banned 23 months, but can cut that by five months if rehabilitation course completed.

Ciprian Cojocaru (34), of Chapel Lane, Spalding. Speeding, Spalding Common. £60 fine, £15 v/s, £85 costs, 5pts.

Marek Grzelak (26), of Kime Mews, Kirton. Driving while disqualified (Boston). Committed to prison for six weeks. No separate penalty was given for having no insurance.

Jonas Kubekas (56), of Norfolk Place, Boston. No insurance (Fosdyke Bridge). £140 fine, £15 v/s, £43 costs, 6pts. No separate penalty was given for a licence offence.