Car door accident equals £400 bill

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FAILING to check her blind spot before opening a car door has left a motorist having to pay more than £400.

Roksana Korcz (23) opened the door of a BMW into the path of a cyclist, knocking her to the floor.

As a result, magistrates in Spalding have ordered her to pay a £250 fine, along with £43 prosecution costs, a £15 victim surcharge and £100 compensation to the cyclist – a total of £408.

At the hearing last Tuesday, prosecutor Rebecca Ritson said Korcz, of Winsover Road, had hit the woman after she parked the car on Green Lane on September 9.

She said the cyclist sustained a bruised shoulder and grazed knees.

“She felt the driver was at fault,” said Miss Ritson.

She said Korcz had since contacted the victim and apologised.

Korcz was subsequently charged with opening a vehicle door to injure or endanger under the Road Traffic Act.

Korcz, who was allowed to speak through a friend to the court, said: “I am very sorry. I did not check my blind spot.

“I also offered to buy a new bicycle or repair any damage. I am very sorry about it.”