Candidate’s vision for town ‘cop shop’

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A “COP SHOP” on every High Street is the vision put forward by the Conservatives candidate for Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Richard Davies, a serving Lincolnshire county councillor, has been picked to represent the Tories in the election for the new roles, due to be held in November.

And Mr Davies, who is also a member of Lincolnshire Police Authority, has vowed to take a “no nonsense” approach to the role to help prevent crime, reduce people’s fear of lawlessness and offer reassurance about the way communities are policed.

Mr Davies, who lives in Grantham and represents Grantham North West on the county council, said: “It is my aim to make Lincolnshire a better place to live and work.

“Having been a supporter of directly elected commissioners since the idea was first raised I see a directly accountable individual as a vital step towards restoring faith in our police service.

“My experience dealing with Lincolnshire Police means that I have seen first hand how they operate and have the ability to push back and challenge ideas and decisions where appropriate.

“I understand the concerns ordinary people have about crime and this will inform how I set the policing priorities should I be fortunate enough to be elected.”

Mr Davies would also like to see an increase in the number of special constables and PCSOs patrolling the county’s streets.

He said: “Visible policing is a priority for the people of Lincolnshire and I will make marked changes in the county by creating Cop Shops on every town high street, holding regular public briefings at which members of the public can question senior officers.”

His policies also include targeting known criminals, banning street drinking, reducing late-night anti-social behaviour and working with other police forces to drive down costs and improve policing.

Mr Davies beat 11 candidates to win the Conservative nomination for the role.

He will now stand against Labour’s candidate Phil Dilks, who represents Deeping St James on South Kesteven District Council, and independent candidate David Bowles, former county council chief executive.