Call for vigilance after fuel thefts

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POLICE are calling for extra vigilance against fuel thefts in the Crowland area.

Officers say there has been a spate of thefts over the last few days at both domestic and commercial properties.

On Wednesday, diesel and tractor batteries were taken from a property on Barbers Drove, while diesel was taken from Crease Drove the following day.

Other items have also been taken from sheds and garages, and batteries have been stolen from vehicles such as cranes on light industrial premises.

PC Nic Hanson, crime prevention officer for South Holland, said: “We are concerned and would like people to be vigilant in noticing anyone suspiciously hanging around the entrances to farms or people’s properties, or where fuel might be stored.”

There are a number of things owners can do to protect their fuel.

nPlace the tank where there is good opportunity to see potential thieves.

nSwitches which control the flow of oil should be turned off and the electricity supply isolated when the tank is not in use.

nHave good quality locks.

nMonitor oil levels with a remote electronic oil level gauge.

nConsider installing security lights and CCTV cameras.

The police are appealing for witnesses or information as to who is responsible. Any information should go to Rural South Neighbourhood Policing Team beat manager PC Nigel Smith on 0300 1110300.