Burgled old boss – but owned up

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A MAN got clean away with a £1,200 burglary at his old boss’s home but then owned up two months later and handed himself in to the police.

At the time Daniel Harrison (21), of Delgate Avenue, Weston, was working for a new boss who told him to get involved in the burglary and theft of tools from outbuildings in Fleet Road, Holbeach, Spalding magistrates heard.

Solicitor Daven Naghen told magistrates Harrison feared he would not work again unless he took part.

The solicitor continued: “Mr Harrison is quite a vulnerable young man.

“He was working alongside the other gentleman involved in this incident. This gentleman was his boss.

“He was told to do it. He was intimidated by this male who was older and bigger than him.”

Mr Naghen said police talked to the unnamed man, who denied the offence, and that left Harrison alone to take the blame.

Harrison pleaded guilty to burglary and theft of tools worth £1,221.99 and was sentenced to a three-month community order – and will spend two months of that tagged while serving a 9pm-7am curfew.

Magistrates made no order for costs as Harrison is a full-time carer for his aunt who is ill.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said the tools belonged to a Mr Disdel.

On June 18 last year, the night of the burglary, Mr Disdel was taking his son to spend a night in a caravan and discussed his plans with Harrison and another man at the roadside.

He returned the following day, discovered his tools were missing and immediately suspected the two men he saw the previous night.

Miss Ritson said Harrison had worked for Mr Disdel and knew where the tools were kept.

On August 10 last year, Harrison turned up at Mr Disdel’s home and “appeared quite distressed and fidgety, saying he needed to get something off his chest”.

Miss Ritson continued: “He told Mr Disdel he didn’t actually touch the stuff, but he drove the car.”

She said Mr Disdel told Harrison to go the the police, which he did.

Harrison told police the stolen items were sold out of the county by the other man involved.