Bullmastiff GSD cross bit woman on the arm after garden escape

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A woman who sought police advice on how to stop dogs getting into her back garden was bitten later that day by an escapee Bull Mastiff/GSD (Germam Shepherd Dog) cross.

Jean Ward suffered puncture wounds to her right arm when a dog called Max got out of Christopher Williams’s garden and into hers on Battlefields Lane South, magistrates heard.

Williams (59), of Low Lane, Holbeach, could be banned from keeping dogs if Boston magistrates grant an application from the Crown Prosecution Service when his hearing resumes on September 30.

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday to being in charge of Max when the dog was dangerously out of control and injured Ms Ward on April 16.

Williams is currently serving a community order with an alcohol treatment requirement for a drink-drive offence and sentence was adjourned for a probation report.

His solicitor, Liz Harte, said there was “an alcohol related theme” in the current offence.

Mark Kennedy, prosecuting, said Williams was looking after dogs for another man that day as well as his own.

He said Ms Ward had been having difficulty with dogs in the care of Williams because they were coming over the fence into her garden.

She visited the police to see what could be done about that and police suggested that Williams could put up a higher fence – or that she could do so if he declined.

Later that day, a neighbour told Ms Ward that a dog had come through into her garden.

He said Ms Ward went inside, but then went back outside to see where her husband was.

Mr Kennedy said as soon as she did that, the dog charged at her and bit her right arm.

“She described the dog as letting go as soon as she was bitten,” he said.

Police spoke to Williams who said Max had got out previously but never through the rear fence.

Mr Kennedy said: “He went on to explain to officers that in his view he got blamed for any dog related incident that took place in the area.”