Broke hotel window in Holbeach

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A MAN broke a hotel window with his hand after being asked to leave over an argument with his sister’s ex-boyfriend, Spalding magistrates heard.

John Clarkson (28), of Lawyers Close, Holbeach, was drinking in the Chequers hotel in Holbeach with his father on December 18 when the ‘ex’ walked in.

John Mitchell, prosecuting, said the landlady asked Clarkson to leave after Clarkson and the other man became quite aggressive towards one another.

Mr Mitchell said: “On leaving he was seen to raise his hand towards one of the windows. He struck the window, causing it to smash.”

When police talked to him, Clarkson couldn’t remember breaking the window but accepted he was responsible and was happy to pay for the damage.

Clarkson pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a window belonging to Mark Andrews and was conditionally discharged for six months.

He was ordered to pay £45 compensation for two panes of glass and £85 towards prosecution costs.

Rachel Stevens, mitigating, said Clarkson was deeply ashamed of his behaviour.

She said: “He had been out drinking. He had been drinking far more than he should have done and he is the first to accept that.”

Miss Stevens said the ex-boyfriend had previously injured Clarkson’s sister in a violent assault.

When asked to leave, he broke the window “in a fit of pique”.

She said Clarkson was responsible for damage to one pane of glass, not two.