Bobbies get a ticket to ride on the buses

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Passengers are feeling the helpful arm of the law from Bobbies on the buses.

PCSOs based in Spalding are getting a ticket to ride in the latest police initiative to reach out to rural communities.

PCSO Colin Abbotts who travelled with passengers on the Kimes service to Donington.

PCSO Colin Abbotts who travelled with passengers on the Kimes service to Donington.

The Bus Beat was launched on Tuesday with community PCSO Colin Abbotts hopping on the 9.45am Kimes 59 service from Spalding bus depot to Donington.

He was greeted by whistling bus driver David James, who was delighted to have an extra service on offer to his passengers.

Mr James said: “It will be a bit weird but I can see with everyone having busy lives passengers might like the opportunity to chat to a police officer.”

Passenger Sue Slator was travelling on the bus with a friend to join the health walk in Donington.

She was first to tell PCSO Abbotts of an incident she had been concerned about when she saw street drinkers in Broad Street.

Sue said: “I’ve seen them twice in the past week and you don’t always see a police officer at the time so being able to tell one about it while travelling on the bus has been very useful.

“Hopefully they can also do something about parking at Johnson Community Hospital – it’s not as bad as usual but it always holds us up.”

PCSO Abbotts said he would report the concerns. He said: “Obviously this is early days – when some of the passengers got on the bus they turned away because they didn’t know what to make of it.

Hopefully that will change once the word gets around about what we are doing.”

On arriving in Donington, PCSO Abbotts walked the beat before catching the return bus.

Insp Jim Tyner said: “This is a pleasing start. Some people are reluctant to talk to the police, so this provides an opportunity for engagement at a slower pace. We will continue to use the buses as another way of reaching out to our rural community.”

The next Bus Beat will be on Wednesday’s 9.45am Kimes service from Spalding to Gosberton.