Blurred vision after attack

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A VICIOUS unprovoked assault in Bourne town centre left a university student with blurred vision.

Attacker Liam McAllen (20) was sentenced to two years in a young offenders institution at Lincoln Crown Court on Friday, after kicking civil engineering pupil Sam Peachman in the head outside Zorba’s takeaway on New Year’s Day.

McAllen told the court he could not remember the attack, which left Mr Peachman with a rupture of the retina in his right eye which made it almost impossible for him to revise for his final fourth year exams which he was due to take two weeks later.

Chris Geeson, prosecuting, told the court Mr Peachman was sitting on the floor waiting for his friends outside the takeaway when McAllen approached and without warning kicked him in the face.

Minutes earlier Mr Peachman had to decided to leave the takeaway after a night out celebrating the New Year when McAllen had accused him of pushing in.

Mr Peachman was knocked unconcious by the blow but a witness saw McAllen aiming another kick at Mr Peachman’s chest.

In a victim impact statement which was read out in court, Mr Peachman said the attack had changed his life and could leave him with permanently blurred vision.

During interview McAllen admitted being too drunk to remember the attack. The court heard while on bail McAllen was arrested a second time after pushing a police officer outside the Essence nightclub in Bourne.

In mitigation the court was told McAllen worked hard as a plasterboarder,

McAllen, of Foxley Court, Bourne, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm to Mr Peachman on January 1 and assaulting a police constable on May 7.

Passing sentence Judge Michael Heath told him the injuries to his victim made any other sentence than custody impossible.

Judge Heath said: “You rendered him unconcious, you caused him bruising, but more seriously he suffered a rupture to his eye which resulted in a lasting difficulty for him.

“In his victim impact statement he describes it as lifechanging.”