Banned from McDonald’s after ‘double cheese’ rant

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A woman has been banned from the Spalding branch of McDonald’s after she flew into a rage over a missing double ‘effing’ cheesburger.

Gemma Burt (23) repeatedly used the ‘f word’ as she demanded the “double cheese”, which she claimed was missing from her order at the drive-thru restaurant on Holbeach Road.

She crashed her driver’s door into the wall beneath the hatch, sent condiments flying from the windowsill and yelled “just give me a double ******* cheese”.

When the drive-thru window was closed as she hurled abuse at staff, Burt stormed into the restaurant and caused a scene there, magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Rebecca Ritson said she had a draft restraining order to ban Burt from all McDonalds restaurants in England and Wales.

Court legal adviser Mandy Connor told magistrates that Burt’s public order offence was non-imprisonable but any breach of the restraining order suggested by the prosecution carried a five-year prison term.

Presiding magistrate Susan Painter told Burt: “We think it’s a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut. We are not going to ban you from every McDonalds in the country.”

But Mrs Painter said the magistrates would impose a year-long ban to stop her entering the grounds or premises of the McDonalds Restaurant on Holbeach Road, Spalding.

Mrs Painter said: “The people who were serving you, they were doing their job. If you had a dispute with them, it probably wasn’t the most appropriate way to deal with it.”

Burt pleaded guilty to using threatening words and behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress at the restaurant on November 2.

She was fined £115 and ordered to pay £85 prosecution costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Miss Ritson said the assistant manager, a Mr Paddy, was in the kitchen area when a member of staff called him over to deal with a female customer who was being abusive.

Mr Paddy asked Burt what was wrong and she said: “I am missing a double ******* cheese, just give me the double ****** cheese.”

Burt said there was always a problem with her effing order whenever she visited the restaurant.

Miss Ritson said Burt was asked if she had checked her order on the confirmation screen.

She then slammed her car door against the restaurant wall as she got out, leaned in through the drive-thru window – and shouted “just give me my double ******* cheese”.

Miss Ritson said Burt threw condiments off the service window ledge.

Mr Paddy closed the service window and Burt shouted: “Right, I am ******* coming in”.

Miss Ritson said Mr Paddy was on the floor picking up the sauces from the service window ledge when Burt went inside the restaurant and began shouting for her cheeseburger.

She said customers of all ages were present and they were visibly upset.

Burt, of Rowan Avenue, Spalding, who was not legally represented, told the court: “I didn’t just do it because I was angry. They ripped me off £4.50 and I was really angry about that. It wasn’t just for the sake of it. They ripped me off and it’s the way that they reacted with being sarcastic and that and slammed the window shut.

“They would not give me my money back and would not give me the food that I ordered.”