Bad parking is putting lives at risk

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Motorists are being urged to park more considerately after a mum with a pushchair had to walk on a busy main road because the path was blocked.

A resident of Winsover Road, Spalding, says cars often park so far onto the pavement that pedestrians are unable to pass and have to risk life and limb by stepping out into the road.

Jay Watson said: “Anyone who thinks parking your car on the pavement is a trivial matter should think again.

“If that woman and her child were struck by a car because they had to go on the road, would that then be a trivial matter?

“Roads are for cars and bikes and pavements are for pedestrians.”

Mr Watson said he has reported the issue to Lincolnshire Police, but was told it was a civil enforcement matter and given another number to ring.

He said: “Having rung the number I thought the police officer who answered the phone was clearly not interested.

“When I rang the civil enforcement number he gave me I was greeted by an automated voice telling me to leave my details.

“So can someone please tell me if it is now legal to park your car in the pavement, just like it seems to be the case with cycling on the pavement?

“I think I will leave the pavements to the cars and bikes and I’ll walk in the middle of the road as it will probably be safer.”

But Spalding community policing inspector Jim Tyner said inconsiderate parking was a matter for the police and urged residents to call 101 to report issues.

He said: “Unfortunately we are one of the lowest funded forces in the country and we have to prioritise our resources, which means we cannot always deal with things as promptly as we would like.

“Drivers need to be aware of the impact their actions have on pedestrians and know that police will take action when we can when issues are reported to us.

“As for cycling on pavements we are tackling the issue and have another operation planned shortly targeting cyclists riding on footpaths or without lights.”