Attack victim went out with kitchen knives

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A man went out with a large kitchen knife in each hand to hunt for three men who assaulted him and left him with a bloody face.

An ambulance paramedic persuaded Tomas Vaskevicius (24) to put down the knives – and walk away from them – after seeing him in Little London, Spalding, at 5.30am on Sunday, March 9.

Vaskevicius, of London Road, Spalding, pleaded guilty at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Thursday to two counts of possessing an offensive weapon, but will be sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court on a date to be fixed because magistrates decided their powers of punishment were insufficient to deal with the case.

Shelley Wilson, prosecuting, told magistrates the paramedic was at a petrol station, filling up an ambulance with fuel, when approached by a man who said: “You had best look at this guy.”

The paramedic saw Vaskevicius, who had blood on his face, no shoes on his feet, a large kitchen knife in either hand and was “shouting to himself”.

Mrs Wilson said the paramedic challenged Vaskevicius about the knives, asked him to put them down – which he did – and asked him to walk away from them, which he did.

The paramedic’s colleague phoned police.

She said police believed Vaskevicius to be under the influence of drink or drugs at the time, as his speech was slurred and he was swaying about.

Mrs Wilson said three men had invited Vaskevicius back to their house for a drink, but after a short while he wanted to go to sleep.

The men didn’t take kindly to that and he was kicked.

Mrs Wilson said the three men left and Vaskevicius then picked up the knives.

“He’s gone out, he says, to check they are not there,” she said. “It would appear, from what he’s told the police, he had gone out looking for them.”

Liz Harte, for Vaskevicius, said he was being treated by paramedics for facial injuries when police arrived having been fiercely beaten within the previous few minutes.