Assaulted ex and burgled her home

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A man assaulted both his ex-partner and her daughter after he asked to be let into their Spalding home.

Valdis Zarins (39) was described by the daughter as “having a strange look on his face” when he visited on January 20.

I think alcohol has quite a part to play in this.

Solicitor Andrew Goldsborough

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said the daughter believes he has psychological problems and says he becomes angry and starts calling her names like “slag” and “bitch”.

The 17-year-old daughter was trying to calm Zarins when he visited, but he punched her in the face, knocking her first against the fridge and then to the ground.

Miss Stace said her mother came into the room and intervened, also trying to calm Zarins, but he hit her in the eye with the heel of his palm.

She said the mother struggled with Zarins and got him out of the house.

On March 6, the daughter returned home to find Zarins wearing some of her mother’s clothes – and one of the males with him was wearing some of her brother’s clothes.

Miss Stace said the house had been left locked, although the front door cannot be locked and is blocked by a washing machine.

Zarins committed a further offence on March 27, stealing Christian Dior Fahrenheit fragrance worth £65 from Boots.

Zarins, of River Bank, Spalding, pleaded guilty to two assaults, burglary and theft of clothing and pizza from the mother and daughter’s home, theft of the perfume and failing to answer bail.

Boston magistrates on Wednesday adjourned sentence to May 20 for a probation report.

Solicitor Andrew Goldsborough, mitigating, said the court would need a pre-sentence report and told magistrates: “I think alcohol has quite a part to play in this.”