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A man in his 60s who assaulted his then partner is considered by probation to pose a risk in a future intimate relationship.

Veldon Exton (64), of Station Road, Surfleet, appeared in court on Wednesday to be sentenced for an assault by beating on Margaret King (67) in April last year.

He pleaded not guilty on the basis of self defence, but was convicted after a trial. He pleaded guilty to criminally damaging an ornament belonging to Mrs King on the same date.

Magistrates sentenced Exton to a two-year community order with supervision by probation and a requirement to attend the Building Better Relationships programme.

The court made a restraining order preventing Exton from contacting Mrs King for two years and ordered him to pay £100 compensation for her injuries.

Exton must also pay £405 court costs, a £70 fine for criminal damage and a £60 victim surcharge.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said Mrs King would have been aged 66 at the time of the assault and the trigger appeared to be her contact with her children and grandchildren.

He understood Exton pleaded not guilty on the basis of self defence.

Mr Todd said Mrs King had injuries to the neck and chest and the ornament that was damaged was of sentimental value.

Liam Varnam, mitigating, said Exton was not a risk to the general public, but the probation report considered him as being “of medium risk of re-offending in an intimate relationship in the long term”.

He said Exton received a relatively minor injury – scratches to his chin – on the day of the assault.

Mr Exton said Varnam lives on incapacity benefit, suffers from arthritis and had an operation on his knee six months ago.

“He is not a man in peak physical condition,” said Mr Varnam.

The court heard Exton did not oppose the restraining order, which prevents him from contacting Mrs King in any way, directly or indirectly, such as through a third party, electronic means or social networks.