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A man who had cannabis seized by police asked an officer “can I have my joint back?”.

Jordan Hares (23) had the illegal drug in his tobacco pouch when police visited his former address in West Pinchbeck to talk to him about something else.

Hares, now of Churchill Drive, Spalding, pleaded guilty to possessing 1.5 grammes of cannabis on September 24 when he appeared before town magistrates on Thursday.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said Hares had a recent caution for the same thing, which is why he was taken to court for the latest offence.

Solicitor Mike Alexander, mitigating, said at one stage Hares asked the officer in his house “can I have my joint back?”

Mr Alexander said the question seemed to suggest that in Hare’s mind it was okay to smoke cannabis, but he does know what the true position is.

He described Hares as an occasional user of the drug, but said he is giving it up because he would rather spend money on his children than pay fines.

Mr Alexander said: “He tells me ‘I don’t want to come to court and have to pay fines for this – if I want to waste my money, I want to waste my money on my children and not this sort of thing’.”

Hares was conditionally discharged for six months and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The court ordered destruction of the seized cannabis.