Arrest for girl (16) who took parents’ car

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A 16-year-old girl was arrested by police after her parents reported she had driven their car six times while they were away on holiday.

The girl, from Crowland, took the car out along the back roads around Deeping High Bank with three 17-year-old male passengers – who were also arrested for going along for the ride.

The driver was handed a reprimand, a ‘junior caution’, for the offence of taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent while the boys also received a reprimand for allowing themselves to be carried in the vehicle.

The illegal road trips were reported to Crowland beat manager Pc Nigel Smith, who took statements from the girl’s parents and carried out the arrests.

Pc Smith said: “She could have caused carnage for herself and for herself and the others in the car.

“She’s obviously not qualified and doesn’t have insurance – it could have been catastrophic.

“There’s a reason for the driving test and the age limit so you have got the experience needed.”

The road the girl drove along is a narrow track which follows the side of the River Welland.

Pc Smith added: “That road does have its own dangers – going by the side of the river.

“The point is it could have been absolute mayhem – not only for themselves but for somebody else as well.

“We won’t tolerate anyone driving a motor vehicle without the requisite documents.

“This is unacceptable and rest assured if we hear about it we will act.”

Pc Smith warned youngsters that this incident proves it is not just the drivers who will be punished, but also any friends who go along for the ride.

He said: “That’s quite an easy one to prove. The parents weren’t there, they knew she was 16 and they knew nobody had given permission for her to take the vehicle.

“If you do get into a vehicle with somebody who shouldn’t be driving you will be punished.”