ARMED SIEGE TRAGEDY: Police officer WAS shot

Roads closed: Police guard the junction of Chapelgate and Fishergate in Sutton St James
Roads closed: Police guard the junction of Chapelgate and Fishergate in Sutton St James
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UPDATE Friday, 3.30pm: Lincolnshire Police have revealed that the officer injured in Tuesday’s armed siege WAS hit by a bullet fired by Barry Horspool.

It had previously been thought that he had been injured by debris after Horspool (61) fired at a police car.

But it became clear when the unnamed officer was treated at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital that he had in fact been hit by the bullet.

It happened when two unarmed officers responded to reports of a man with a firearm in Chapelgate, Sutton St James, at around 11am on Tuesday.

Ch Supt Lee Freeman said: “A shot was fired at their vehicle. One of the officers was injured, but the cause was initially unclear. It was later established in hospital that his facial wound had been caused by a bullet. He was treated and discharged on the same day.”

He added: “We are now providing as much support as we can to our officer and his family, along with the family of Mr Horspool.

“Once again we would like to thank residents for coping so admirably throughout a lengthy and extremely distressing period of time. We would urge anyone who wants to talk through their concerns to contact their local neighbourhood policing team.

“We would like to thank all of the Sutton St James residents for their cooperation, patience and fantastic support during Tuesday’s operation in the village.

“We recognise that this must have been a traumatic ordeal and that significant disruption was caused.

“Only limited information was released during the live incident for operational reasons but we are now in a position to provide a more detailed description of events.

“Officers were called to the scene in Chapelgate at around 11am after reports of a man with a firearm. Two unarmed officers attended in a marked police car.”

Thursday, 3,30pm: Police have officially identified the man found dead in his house at the end of Tuesday’s 11-hour stand-off in Chapelgate, Sutton St James.

He was Barry Stephen Horspool, aged 61.

Wednesday, 1.15pm: RESIDENTS with any concerns following yesterday’s armed stand-off in Sutton St James are being urged to talk to police.

Insp Jim Tyner has said there will be an ongoing police presence in the village until investigations into the incident are complete.

The 11-hour operation in Chapelgate ended in tragedy at about 10.30pm last night when officers discovered the body of Barry Horspool in an upstairs room at the home.

Insp Tyner said: “We recognise that this must have been a fairly traumatic ordeal for the local community and we’d like to thank them for their cooperation and patience throughout the operation.

“We realise that significant disruption was caused, but decisions to commit the level of resources we did are not taken lightly and preserving public safety is always our main priority.

“There will be an ongoing police presence in the area until our investigations are completed. We would urge people living in the village to talk to our officers on the scene if they have any concerns.

“Thankfully Lincolnshire is a particularly safe place to live and incidents like this are extremely rare.”

Wednesday, 8am: The stand-off in Sutton St James ended late last night with armed officers finding the body of a man at the Chapelgate property.

The near 12-hour incident ended around 10.30pm with the discovery of the body - expected to be confirmed as Barry Horspool - in an upstairs room.

Police say no shots were fired by officers.

A Lincolnshire Police statement said: “Investigations are ongoing and a further update will follow on Wednesday.”

The local police officer who suffered a minor facial injury on Tuesday lunchtime during the early part of the incident has been treated and discharged from Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

Tuesday, 6.30pm: The man involved in the stand-off with armed police in Sutton St James has been named locally.

It’s believed to be Barry Horspool, who is thought to be around 60 years old.

One source says the incident, which has been ongoing since lunchtime, was sparked when police called on him over a firearms licence. But another report suggests police were responding to a “concern for safety call”.

Mr Horspool’s address is listed as being in Chapelgate, the road currently cordoned off by police.

One nearby resident told us that he is a mobility scooter user.

UPDATE Tuesday 4.55pm: Police are understood to be negotiating with someone in a property in Chapelgate, Sutton St James, to bring a safe end to events.

Tuesday, 4.25pm: UNCONFIRMED latest report is that armed police are understood to be in a stand-off at a property in Chapelgate.

Several more police vehicles have just turned up, including two dog units from Leicestershire Constabulary.

Must stress the stand-off is UNCONFIRMED as Lincolnshire Police concentrating on the situation and releasing little information at the moment.

Tuesday, 3.15pm: Police dealing with a firearm incident at Chapelgate, Sutton St James, are asking people in the area to stay in their homes and not to go out or gather in public places. The area affected is between Bells Drove and Taylor’s Drove.

People who live in the area and who aren’t already at home are requested not to attempt to go home, but instead to go to nearby houses of friends or relatives.

People who do not have anywhere suitable to go can make their way to the village hall in Sutton St James. If people have problems making their way to the village hall they should speak to a police officer at one of the containment points who can enable access.

The containment checkpoints are:

• the junction of Chapelgate and Broadgate

• the junction of Jarvis Gate and Chapelgate

• the junction of Bells Drove and Chapelgate

• the junction of Baulkins Drove and Broadgate

• Garner’s Garage and Chapelgate

The incident is still ongoing and therefore police are unable to release further information. Lincolnshire Polce say updates about the incident or its implications on the public will be provided when possible.

Tuesday 2.40pm: A police car with its driver’s side window broken - believed to be by at least one gun shot - has been taken away from Chapelgate in Sutton St James.

One eyewitness reports that the car was parked there by police after the incident nearby.

It’s understood the male driver was hurt and waited there for an ambulance.

Tuesday, 2.10pm: Chapelgate in Sutton St James is currently the scene of a major police operation, believed to involve a firearm.

Details are sketchy but one eyewitness suggests a shot being taken at a passing police car.

A police officer has been injured and roads around the area have been closed.

A police statement reads: “Lincolnshire Police are currently dealing with an incident at Chapelgate, Sutton St James.

“The incident is ongoing and we are currently unable to provide further information for operational reasons. An officer has sustained minor injuries during the incident.

The roads around the area have been closed and diversions put in place. People are being asked to avoid the area around Chapelgate, Sutton St James.”

• If you know anything about the incident call us confidentially on 01775 765420